Last minute Pumpkin Detail

Need a last minute pumpkin detail for your Halloween decoration?

I challenge you to crochet the Pumpkin Detail. Easy to make and an endless way of using them. They are perfect for autumn holiday decor, ornaments, garlands, brooches or accents on gifts! And the best of all – it’s a free pattern!

You can download the PDF pattern from my Ravelry store or Love Knitting!

Happy making!


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Embrace the hat season

In my teen years I never used to wear a hat. I preferred either a hood or nothing. Ah, youth!

Now, I can not imagine a cold season without hats and lots of layers.

I made  The Double Brim Classic Hat pattern last year, but I never got around to publish it.

This Double Brim Hat is worked in ribbing which makes it very stretchy, so very versatile for many sizes.

It’s a simple and fast knit, available in 3 sizes. The pattern has no chart or complicated sts. Just the perfect project when you are on the road or watching a movie.

Happy Knitting!


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Reasons for loving Autumn

There is an endless list of reasons to love and enjoy Autumn. I always wanted to write a list (with my newly sharpened pencils 😉 – see my previous post) but I never did.

I’m not going to do it now. I am just going to mention a few little things that I am anxious for this autumn:

– the smell of burned wood in the fireplace

– the crisp air in the morning

– the fog, ohh… the fog

– cozy everything

– cinnamon, apples and mushrooms

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

Why are you in love with autumn?


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4 seasons

I love all seasons. I grew up in a country that is fortunate enough to have all 4 of them.

But every time a new season starts I feel like I love that one the most. I always make plans and dreams of how I will enjoy it this time. Of course they almost never come to life. I really do live in my own little world, as someone once said to me. Like living a double life.

It’s autumn’s turn to take my heart. I feel like the transition from summer to autumn is happening so quickly. I was still dreaming of exotic beaches and palm trees, vacations and weekend hikes, and suddenly, the wind changed and I felt the urge to buy school supplies. Does this happen to any of you in the fall?

So, I placed “a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils” on my desk and started making plans for the fall.

What are your plans and dreams for the fall?


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July 2017 Calendar – A wallpaper for your device

I am trying to put up a schedule and I was hoping to keep up with a calendar. And off course everything needs to be pretty so I designed a lovely calendar for my devices.

In the end, I loved it so much that I can’t just keep it to myself.


desktop   |   iPad  |   iPhone 5   |   iPhone 6 & 7   |   Mac

Note: Calendars are free for personal use only. Do not sell.

If you’d like to have a calendar for next months as well, just let me know in the comments bellow and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy weekend!


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