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The best vacations are those unplanned

We have learned this very quickly. If you go through our vacation history you will notice that most of our vacations are spontaneous and mostly unplanned. Even if we do make a sketch of a plan, most often than not will get altered. … Continue reading

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Picnic Dates

As soon as the sun is out, we have an urge for picnics that needs to be satisfied. We fill our basket with all the delicious goodies that we can find in the fridge, we even get creative with new recipes, … Continue reading

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Make your own Spring

The last couple of years all seasons have been very stubborn, perfecting a very “teenager behavior”, as I call it. They come and go as they please. Mother Nature has its own schedule and we are in no position to … Continue reading

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Alphabet Blanket

The Alphabet Blanket was designed so every little angel could have their own little-personalized security blanket. I wanted something simple, cute and versatile. But this being a simple design, you could make the blanket not only for your baby but … Continue reading

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Day Off Jumper Sweater

This is the perfect jumper for your day off – as the name states. It’s loose, it’s easy and it just goes with everything. Soon it will become your perfect project to knit and the perfect jumper to wear. It is available only … Continue reading

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