La Valtori, Lisa Brook – Romania

The most interesting things happen in those kind of escapes when you don’t have a specific plan in your destination. You just pack a picnic and start driving. A road trip of exploration. You see something pretty, you stop to explore.

This time we almost missed it. The sign was small and we could have easily drive past it. We did passed it actually, but we made the wise decision to turn around. And I am glad we did. We were about to discover “La Valtori” – a traditional wool processing facility for more than 100 years old. The installation is functional and still works, as a museum.

In the old times people used to send their wool here to be washed then traditionally processed into yarn in order to tailor thick woolen blanket. The tailoring of such woolen blankets is a very long procedure: it is weaved, washed, watered and combed lengthwise. They were working in series for days…

Granted, nobody make those kind of blankets. Everybody is looking for soft and fluffy. But when you are cold you wish you had a woollen blanket.

It feels good to see people who treasure tradition and passes on to the following generations. Even though we grew up in Romania, a country filled with traditions we don’t seem to follow them. It doesn’t seem to represent us, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate it. We love the passion we see in these traditions, and the people who follow them. Our hope is to find our inner passion and to pursuit it as our ancestors used to. To give it our all.

Have a great Monday!


P.S. How to reach “La Valtori” – the Lisa Brook, Romania


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