Star Baby Blanket

I am more excited that I can find words to express it, so I am going to be very brief and subtle.

We are waiting for a new shiny little star in our family.

That was the inspiration for designing the Star Baby Blanket, for my (on the way) nephew. I wanted something simple and cute.

Star Blanket5 - The Morning Whisper

It’s a simple design, so my sister can use it in her home as well, not just the nursery.

Star Blanket2 - The Morning Whisper

Is a wonderfully soft baby blanket for boys or girls. Good for a baby shower gift, home or professional photography, showing off to family and friends, or just for snuggle.

Itโ€™s a simple and fast knit, with basic knitting stitches. Easy for beginners as well.

Star Blanket4 - The Morning Whisper

Star Blanket6 - The Morning Whisper

You can find the pattern in The Morning Whisper Shop on Etsy , Ravelry or LoveKnitting.

Happy knitting!




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2 Responses to Star Baby Blanket

  1. nikske1993 says:

    Love the blanket, and those tassels are just too cute!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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