5 Reasons to be excited for Fall

At the beginning of every season I get excited about all the changes that comes with it. I am still amazed about how nature transforms every season. I’ve always been in love with all 4 seasons, but since I’ve lived almost 2 years only in summer, I feel like I am enjoying much more the season changing now.

Fall is a season filled with leaves, pumpkins, scarves, sweaters, mittens and amazing colour palette.

Here are 5 of the reasons I love Fall!

1. It’s knitting season! I know I should have knitted more in the summer in order to enjoy all the beautiful cozy knits during the fall, but it just feels better to knit in September. All the chilli breeze, the cold mornings make you grab your needles and start knitting hats, socks, gloves, cardigans….and you can’t stop! And it doesn’t even matter if you are knitting for you or for others, you just have to knit.

2. Nature’s scenery. There is a unique beauty observed in nature in the fall. Every day is a totally different scenery. The colours of the world are changing every moment. Each day it’s a new adventure. Even if you take the same path home, each time will be different in the fall. You have your own different carpet every day. The sights of Mother Earth are breathtaking.

3. Food and drinks! Can you imagine that much freshness?! Fall is the season of most fruits and vegetables. All the gardens and orchards are plentiful. The farmers markets are a delight. Fall is the time for stocking up your pantry. All the goodness for winter is prepared in this season. Pumpkin pie, grape gravy, stewed fruit, corn…ahhh it’s raining in my mouth.

4. Coziness. There is so much coziness and cuddly moments in the fall. From chunky sweaters to soft blankets, sipping coffee near the fireplace with a good book. Or just baking in the kitchen the perfect apple pie that your mom used to make when you were little. Even the bonfire seems more appropriate in the fall, cuddling up with a blanket, a glass of wine and good company, lots of laughter and sharing precious memories.

Photo via Pinterest

5. The scents that surround you. All the scents in the air that comes with Fall is mesmerising. I love early foggy mornings, going barefoot out on the terrace smelling the crisp leaves and enjoying the dew in the grass. Or the scent of warm bonfires drifts in the cool fall air. Fresh brewed coffee in the morning and hot wine with cinnamon in the evening. And candles, lots and lots of candles!

Photo via Pinterest

Evidently, there are many more, but I want to hear about your reasons. So, grab your pumpkin spice latte and a comfy sweater, light that scented candle and write your reasons for loving Fall in the comment section, or even better – I dare your to write a post about your reasons for loving Fall and leave a link to your blog/site bellow. 😉

Happy Fall!



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