Summer getaway (3) – R. Birthday

During our summer getaway, it happened to be R. birthday. It wasn’t necessary planed, we don’t usually do a big fuss about our birthdays. No party’s, no fancy stuff, just the two of us.

Same scenario this year. The “plan” was to spend a lazy day on the beach, enjoying the sea, salt and sand. The day before we were enjoying the sight of a beautiful dolphin family swimming really close to the beach. (Sorry, I have no photos of them. I preferred savoring the moment instead of running after the camera.) So we were hoping to see them again on this day. But we had no luck, it was a very windy day with few options of activities at the sea side.

We didn’t want to waste a day, so we decided to hit the road.


We packed our tent – which was not easy due to the wind :), and we started our journey towards Danube. We never traveled on this part of the country so it was all new too us. The amount of life that you can spot, just being on the road is amazing. The vibe is incredible. Definitely a place that’s worth visiting.


We were considering going to Gura Portitei – a vacation resort, but again, we didn’t want to risk loosing one day because of the weather, so we continued our journey.

Even though I enjoy driving, on long drives I tend to get sleepy and I don’t get to enjoy the view. So R. is usually the driver on our trips. But this time he was remarkably relaxed behind the steering wheel. He drove slowly and patiently and spotted some amazing life down the road.

We had to watch for turtles on the road. We could not stop laughing that we had to do slalom among turtles.


We saw lots of lovely and colorful birds, including a hoopoe bird, which was so weird cause I was just reading about them a day before. I was so excited. The next day we saw another 3, but they were to fast to photograph.

All lakes and canals full of pelicans and swans. We managed to get closer, but only with our binocular.

Finally the evening came when we reached Dunavatul de Jos village and we decided to spend the night there.

We found a small pension with lovely people. Had a lovely dinner. Enjoyed a glass of wine and went to bed with frogs serenade in the background, which wasn’t as disturbing as I thought it would be. Actually it was quite fun.


In conclusion, we spent a lovely day in nature, enjoying a lot of wild life that we haven’t seen before. We actuality decided to try to do our next vacation exploring the Danube Delta and other areas of the country.

Romania is an amazing place to reconnect with nature.

On our way home we saw a little gopher, crossing the road like he was on a race. It was the first one that I ever saw, even though they are pretty common.

A lot of first’s on this particular trip. A very successful holiday. Full of laughter, creating lovely memories, spending quality time together and being grateful that we have one another.

How do you plan to reconnect with your partner/friend/family?

Happy Birthday R.!




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