Summer getaway (2)

Every time, with no exception, when we are near water (lake/sea/ocean) we try to find restaurants that serve fresh fish and seafood. This time we found some pretty nice places, with good food – according to R., cause I don’t eat fish; I just sacrifice myself to his benefit. You are welcome! 🙂

I have to be honest, we didn’t found these places by chance, they were recommended to us. And some of them were in such remote places that I don’t think you can find them by mistake.

Even though I am happy that we can finally find these kind of places in Romania, with beautiful views and lovely decor, and almost reasonable prices, we still have to work on services. Maybe I ask for too much or it’s just me, but I don’t like waiters rolling their eyes at me when I order only some fries, cause they don’t have anything else that is not fish on the menu. Or if you ask them how the meal is prepared, what are the ingredients (maybe you are allergic to something) you lost them. And it’s them who feel offended on my expense. At the end of the meal, they expect a big fat tip. Luckily, in Romania the tip is still optional; if you are happy with the service you leave some extra.



(To be continued…)


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