Summer getaway (1)

Finally summer is here, so we can plan as many getaways as we can, even though we can’t always stick to the plan.

At the beginning of June we escaped to the Black Sea for a few days, camping. For four years now we go to 2 Mai (a small village on the Black Sea coast), at least once a year. Even if it’s just for a weekend. It’s an amazing small place, with a beautiful and quiet beach. We camp our tent on the beach, so we can enjoy the sunrise every morning.


It’s an amazing feeling in the morning, when you are not quite awake and you get your feet straight from “bed” on the beach and they get tickled by the warm and gentle sand. And as soon as your face meets the fresh morning breeze with the salty water smell, you know you are in heaven.

And sometimes even heaven gets better when you see R. coming across the beach with fresh brewed coffee.


We spent a couple of days just enjoying the peace and quiet the sea is kind enough to offer you. It was the beginning of season, so not many tourists around. Just the loneliness that we needed. In the afternoons we took some short journeys to other resorts in the area.  I was surprised of the beautiful landscapes we traveled through. Usually people are trying to travel through the fastest way to reach their destination. We are the kind of people that will choose the longest way (if time is our friend) because we love to explore and we enjoy being on the road (I love being on the road, I think R. is just happy to please me – Thank you!). And almost every time we are happy with our decision. The sightseeing that you come across on the more remote roads is breathtaking.

In one of this journeys we went across the coast and ended up in a resort named “Cap Aurora”. I did’t knew we had such beautiful and peaceful beaches. It was an amazing vibe traveling through these places.



(To be continued…)


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