Giveaway trial! – Closed

There you go, it’s in the name. This is my first giveaway, so please be kind (but don’t be shy).

I am not sure how this things work, if there’s a rule or not, but this being my place, I will create my own rules.

I wanna reach out to all of my followers for a giveaway from my heart. It’s easy – I want to make someone happy.

But I want you to earn it. A lot of people just get register for this kind of things because it’s free, not necessary because they like the product or they appreciate it.

So, I am not going to select randomly the lucky one, you will have to “work” a little for it. It’s not hard, it’s quite fun, I promise.

In order for you to have this lovely little Foxy Fox Hat, leave me a short comment to this post describing in what adventure will you take your child / nephew / cousin / sibling / etc. with this hat. Or just make up a little (short) story involving a fox. There’s no right or wrong answers/stories, there is just creativity. Please don’t paste any story if it’s not your own. I want your enthusiasm in this story, as you would tell it to kids.

Unleash your thoughts and let’s create a world of foxes!



P.S. Needs to be mentioned:

The hat measures aprox. 41 cm (16 in) circumference and 17 cm (6.5 in) tall – measured flat.

I will support the shipping charges, anywhere in the world.

The short story should be in English (being the official language of the blog), or Romanian (my native language).

I am sure that all your stories will be amazing (it involves a fox, how could they not be!), but I will have to select one (which will touch me the most) by 13 of February.


P.P.S. The pattern will be available soon in the Etsy Shop and Ravelry.

So check back soon, or subscribe/follow for updates!


Update: I never would have thought it’s so hard to giveaway something.

Still, I am really happy to congratulate Kendra Farstad for her wonderful story and for winning this beautiful Foxy hat.

Kendra, please email me ( an address where should I send you your package, and I will do so as soon as possible.

Thank you for your story!


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7 Responses to Giveaway trial! – Closed

  1. Kendra Farstad says:

    We are anticipating a great snow overnight in Upstate New York. The last snow we received, I went out to lay fresh footprints in the forest on the soft blanket of white, as I walked I noticed my prints were not the first. Darting back and forth across the trail in front of me appears to be the footprints of a forest friend. I never anticipated meeting the owner of the prints and was delighted to crest a small hill and see the sharp eyes and the soft red fur of a fox in staring back at me. We stood there for a long moment, drinking in the experience before he quickly leapt into the air and gracefully was on his way.
    I hope to find this friend again, next tie with my daughter in tow. She has been raised with daily excursions into the fragrant pine forests of the Adirondack Mountains and nearby Vermont, she would adore this hat 🙂 What a wonderful give-away this is!

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  3. Mommar6 says:

    I asked my husband what kind of hat I said net for my grandson next. He said I should let him a fox hat so we can ask him what does the Fox say.

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  5. Mary Ghidella says:

    Having trouble dointg the ear as 21 stitches are involved:K8, k2tog. SSK-_is that 3 stitches? and then K8= 11 stitches.
    Where are the directions for the second ear. Do you have to turn the hat around and pearl to start from the outside?
    Very disappointe in the quality of the directions.

    • Dear Mary,

      I am sorry that you are experiencing difficulties with this pattern.
      It is quite simple.
      If you followed the pattern, you should have 20 st for the ears. In case you modified it, you should at least take in consideration an even number of stitches for the ears.
      For the ears, you put 10 st on each needle, so you continue to work in the round (those 20 st). There is no seaming for the ears.
      Also, in the pattern it is specified that you begin to work the ear at the outer edge of the ear/hat. This means that you work both ears the same ways, no need for different directions for each ear. You just need to begin each ear at the outer edge. Meaning that for the left ear, you will start from the left, and for the right ear you will start from the right; both on the right side of the item.
      Basically, the part of “k2tg and SSK” will form that simple inner edge of the ear, that does not need seaming.

      I hope these tips are more to your understanding!
      Happy Knitting,

      P.S. You will find the answer to your Ravelry comment as well.

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