Last Minute Christmas Decoration – DIY

It’s no surprise that I am doing everything last minute. So I am going to show you, real quick, how to do 2 simple Christmas decoration.

1. Wine Corks Christmas Tree

What you need:

– Glue gun

– Wine corks

Place the wine corks in the form you want them – I made a Christmas tree. Play a little with them, just to make sure all the corks you are using are the same size.

And than, start gluing them together, one by one until you finish your shape.


2. Candle Holder

What you need:

– Wood slice

– Glue gun

– A few branches

– Garden scissors

– A few small pine cones

– Candle

Cut the branches in small pieces, place the candle on the wood slice and start surrounding it with branches. When your are happy with the result, star to glue them together. (the branches, not the candle :))

Continue the same process, until you have the height you are pleased with.

Don’t glue the branches to close to the candle, or you are not going to be able to replace it when you need to.

At the end, place a few pine cones here and there.

Now you are ready to place them in those little corners that need a little Christmas look.

Happy last minute decoration!


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