Good morning Romania!

I’m not a “virgin” anymore! – Note to self, mostly

In Romania, we had the presidential elections yesterday. And for the first time in my life (even thought I had the right for several years now) I went out to vote. Not only that I went, I went early and with enthusiasm.

It’s the first time that I actually felt the need to do so, like many others, I am sure. I felt that I had a choice, I could see a small light at the end of the tunnel.

I grew up with the energy of a fake hope, that it will be better; I grew up with the hope of others, with the feeling that there is nothing that I can do – This is your life, adapt. So, I chose a life of “solitude”, because most of the people around me, were so fake, angry, frustrated, disappointed and just surrounded by negative/bad energy.

I am not a political person. I don’t own a TV for 12 years now, because I couldn’t let others wash my brain and couldn’t see their faces anymore when they were lying their asses off.

For the last 25 years all I heard about the Revolution from 1989 that they did it for me, for us, I am proud that we finally found our strength to stand up and be united.

Finally, I do have a hope of my own. A real hope that a good change is about to happen, not just a change.

I am not naive (at least not in this matter). This country’s conception of life (laws, corruption, lies, etc.) will not change in a day, a year, or 5 years. Maybe I am not even going to feel the massive change that this day brings, but I believe it’s the first step of a long journey. Politicians are still politicians and they are almost the same in every country.

I never felt this patriotic, like these last couple of days. I finally felt closer to people, and I felt that their hope and wish is real, that we can do it together.

Evolution finally takes its natural course for this country too.

This is a “note to self” because I don’t want to forget this feeling. I don’t want to forget this state of being. I am proud of my generation, we are finally putting our foot down; we are not letting others take advantage of us and take decisions for us. We are strong and together we can make it.

A deep and heart full thank you for all those Romanians who had to make a tremendous effort to vote. Your effort is greatly appreciated and I wish I could have been there to feel the reality of those great moments.


With eyes wide opened and hope,



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2 Responses to Good morning Romania!

  1. How wonderful. I work in politics and even if you chosen candidate doesn’t win, you will have made a difference. Hold onto that feeling.

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