Not ready to say goodbye to summer

It wasn’t a very long summer, or very productive, but I still managed to do a few things:

We had an early vacation in June, but we still have one coming soon. (can’t wait! )

I started a new collaboration which brought me some comfort, but it also consumes time, so I have less (time and energy) for my projects.

We managed to visit my parents in their vacation, so we had the chance to explore a little more our beautiful country. 

R’s parents finally paid us a visit. 🙂

We tried to escape every free weekend that we had, so we had a few trips at the Black Sea, and we explored the mountains / areas surrounding us.

Two dear friends / neighbours of ours got married.

We both had very relaxed birthdays this year, enjoying our day just in the company of each other.

And still, I am not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet.

I have many projects/designs /products that I need to finish.

We still have an amazing vacation for two weeks! I can’t wait to relax, enjoy the sun and see an old friend/room mate of mine who lives there. Lots of memories to relive and lots of details to discuss. She is expecting! 🙂

And one more experience that I am anxious to have: paragliding!



How was your summer?! Are you ready to let go?




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