For a moment of appreciation

We women always complain that we are not appreciated enough; no matter what your role is – girlfriend, mother, wife – you feel that you deserve more. But are you giving “more” back? Do we appreciate the people around us enough?

For me, the morning jogging it’s the perfect moment to reflect of things/relationships/ dreams. Today, my thought stopped at my partner – some things in my life would not be possible if it would not be for him. Thanks to him my running track is near a forest were I don’t even need the headphones, cause I don’t want to miss the sound of nature, instead of running on a treadmill, in a gym, surrounded by concrete.

Simple things make the difference.

Thank you! Thanks for your patience, your effort and your appreciation!

And …Happy birthday R! Today, you celebrate “X” years, 11 months and 1 day! :*

Do you appreciate the men in your life? How?


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    Lovely little thing.

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