Planting day

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, so I didn’t want to spend it doing indoor projects. Was a good day to plant some herbs.

Every time I want to plant something, or just  think of planting, I always remember that just a few years back I didn’t have any green in my house. When I was moving in a new place, I would always ask the owner: “Do you have any plant in this apartment?  Do you care for them? then, take them.”

But now, I am in love with green in my house. Even now I don’t have flowers, or who knows what ornamental plant (it will come the time for that too), but I do love my herbs. They are green, they grow fast and you always have fresh stuff to mix in your food. So, yesterday was time to play with those white pots I’ve been collecting.

Soon I will have fresh basil, parsley, rosemary, oregano, mint and lavender.

Here’s R’s chili pepper, planted about a month ago. Love the fresh green!

Have you planted anything lately? Do you have some gardening tips for me?

Happy greens!


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