Coffee “addict”

People say (or at least R says) that if you put sugar, milk or other stuff in your coffee, you are not a coffee drinker, and that you are ruining the aroma of your coffee.

Well, let me tell you this: maybe I am not a real coffee drinker, I am not enjoying a strong, extremely short Italian coffee, but trust me, I do love my coffee.

I don’t feel that I am ruining my coffee by adding some other aromas, but I do feel confused when I walk into a coffee shop and I see all those “special coffee’s” on the menu board.

So I guess I am in the middle. I love my coffee with a little bit of sugar, maybe a little milk, cinnamon or caramel, but definitely I have to be able to sip more then twice from my cup in order to enjoy it.

How do you drink your coffee?


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