Amazing finds!

I don’t think I had the chance to express my love for flea markets. Fortunately, in my country we don’t have yard sale (or, at least I don’t know about them), because if they were, I am afraid that I would become a hoarder much sooner then I thought.

I like old things. I am living with the impression that they have a history and they are sharing it with me. Every time when I find something that I like, I am excited for days. I am not sure what draws me to these amazing finds…maybe because they are unique in my eyes. Nowadays everything you find in a shop is mass produced. I don’t like mass produces. I like unique. We all are unique, our things should be unique too.

This weekend I found a couple of cute things, but the vintage porcelain fox “c’est la pièce de résistance” . I just love it!

Ever since I saw the movie “Le renard et l’enfant” (The Fox & the Child) I fell in love with foxes.


Have a great week!


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