We Like Coffee!

This is one of those things that you have to be there to understand.

We were on a road trip before a lovely vacation in Santorini. We decided that we needed some adventure before heading to a relaxing and well deserved vacation. So, my better half planned a small escape in Maramures, where we had the most amazing adventure ever. Please notice the highlighted word. When I say planned, for my partner means no plan. He always has a plan, without a plan. And they always work great. Better than great.

This time he said to pack a  bag… for 2 or 3 days trip, we are going hitch-hiking. A great story  that I may share with you in another post.

The second day of our trip, we where heading to the Vaser Valley forestry railway, Viseul de Sus. We spent the night in the village and we were on our way to catch the steam train for an amazing scenery.

It was 5 AM, and no place was open to have a coffee. Finally, we found a supermarket and we discovered canned coffee. I am no fan of canned coffee, but that day, it was the only thing missing and we savored it, like it was the best coffee we ever had. All the way to the train station I was singing “We like coffee!”

That was in 2010, and I still sing it sometimes.

Lovely memories, with lovely whispers!


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