Sibiu Christmas Market

I always wanted to see the Christmas Market from Vienna. So when I found an article saying  that Sibiu has a similar market, I had to see it. Giving that we live fairy close, my other half didn’t deny me the pleasure, even though I am pretty sure he knew what was coming.

I am always excited about little things, and I start imagining how it will be, making all sorts of high expectations and disappointments don’t fail to arrive.

I don’t know exactly what I was expecting. Maybe a little Christmas vibe, or the fragrance of mulled wine with cinnamon, handmade presents, Christmas decorations and cookies. Even thought the wine was there, something was missing. I didn’t get the feeling that I was expecting. Cheap, plastic toys, no Christmas vibe, tasteless chestnuts. It is fare to say that we didn’t stay long, and we didn’t see the lights. We left when it was still daylight. I am pretty sure it looks much better with all the Christmas lights on.

Maybe will have better luck next time, or next market or…maybe I will learn not to make high expectation.


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