Picnic Dates

As soon as the sun is out, we have an urge for picnics that needs to be satisfied. We fill our basket with all the delicious goodies that we can find in the fridge, we even get creative with new recipes, and we are out and about looking for a new spot for a picnic.

Sometimes it takes us a while until we find the perfect spot like it happened on this occasion when we kept finding places filled with mosquitos. And R is not very fond of them, neither am I especially when you are trying to enjoy a meal. But we still have not had a bad picnic experience.

We always stated that we have no traditions, but when I have time to reflect a little, I am surprised to find that we actually have many of them, we just did not realize that they were traditions. This is the case with our spring picnics. We have them every spring. This season we already enjoyed 2 picnic lunches. I must start a journal with our tribe’s traditions so we can remember and enjoy them.

Do you have such journal?


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Make your own Spring

The last couple of years all seasons have been very stubborn, perfecting a very “teenager behavior”, as I call it. They come and go as they please. Mother Nature has its own schedule and we are in no position to make complaints or demands, especially since all these changes are caused by our habits and behavior.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t bring Spring into your life when you please. Use your creativity and make your own Spring.

Flowers always make me smile. Wanting to be surrounded by flowers I made this wall hanging home decor, which turned out to be a very good way to use up all my leftover yarns from other projects. Lots of other flowers in the works right now. That’s why you can find this one in the shop.

Happy Spring!


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Alphabet Blanket

The Alphabet Blanket was designed so every little angel could have their own little-personalized security blanket.

I wanted something simple, cute and versatile.

But this being a simple design, you could make the blanket not only for your baby but also for your home, or as a housewarming gift.

It’s a simple and fast knit, with basic knitting stitches. Easy for beginners as well.


Happy knitting,




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Day Off Jumper Sweater

This is the perfect jumper for your day off – as the name states. It’s loose, it’s easy and it just goes with everything. Soon it will become your perfect project to knit and the perfect jumper to wear.

It is available only in 2 sizes as it has a construction for a generous positive ease. It is knitted flat basically in one piece, starting from the front bottom and continuing way to the back. Then you sew the sides together (and sleeves) and add up a little to the sleeve, working in the round.

The ideal project for a quiet and relaxing weekend.

The pattern can be found on Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Etsy.

Happy Knitting,



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A Lovers Day

I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day, but I do enjoy every chance to celebrate love.

Here are a few cards for your special one, be it a lover or a friend.

There are 3 cards available to download for free.




Let me know which one is your favourite.

Happy Valentine’s Day!






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